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The reason I write is to help create a better future. I do that largely by observing daily life and exploring the past. I feel privileged to write for children and young adults because they are the future we all hope for. Here are a few of my books.

 ISBN -13-978-1-55498-816-7

"Power to the people! Aluta continua!" In the wake of a political coup, there may be no such thing as a peaceful student demonstration.

There was no clock in the room and they had taken my watch. I thought through the questions I had been asked. My answers were innocent enough and I hoped that I would soon be released. Then I could warn the others.

I walked cautiously to the door and tried it. It was locked. I returned to my chair and noted with unease that my bladder was filling.  I was anxious but not panicky. 

Between Sisters


"I remembered my old fights with Effie. No matter what I did or where I lived, we would always be sisters. But Christine was my sister only as long as I pleased her."


 In Ghana, life seems to made up of Nobodies and Somebodies. So when sixteen-year-old Gloria fails thirteen out of fifteen subjects on her final exams, her chances of becoming a Somebody appear very slim indeed. Then she is given an opportunity to leave her family and home behind. Suddenly it looks as though there may be other ways to become a Somebody. 

The Pot of Wisdom


Drawing on the rich vein of the African Ananse tradition, Ghanaian author Adwoa Badoe and Malian illustrator Baba Wague Diakite bring us a marvellously lively, witty and entertaining collection of ten tales about this spider trickster. Sometimes Ananse succeeds and things go his way; other times he makes a fool of himself and is ashamed--but never for very long.

Nana's Cold Days


"Brr," she says. "It's too cold for living things."

Ken and Rama have looked forward to their nana's visit form months. But when she arrives from Africa in the middle of winter, she covers herself with three blue sheets, three red blankets and three pink comforters. And nothing that Ken, Rama, Mama or Papa dream up will entice her from her cozy nest until...

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